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Blood magic - Chapter three

Title: Blood magic
Author: bara_onna
Chapter: 3/?
Rating: R for this chapter
Band: D, the GazettE, Phantasmagoria, Lycaon, more to come
Pairing: Asagi/Tsunehito, Asagi/Hide-zou (non romantic), Hiroki/Ruiza, Hiroki/Aoi (past), Kisaki/Riku, Kisaki/Jun, Kisaki/Hide-zou (past), Kai/Aoi, more to come
Genre: Supernatural, romance
Warnings: a little violence, mxm, suggestiveness, language
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Only the story is mine.
Summary: "I love you," Asagi whispered and kissed Tsunehito's forehead.
Notes : Chapter three^^ I hope you like it ♥

Chapter one
Chapter two

Chapter three

Hide-zou tried to attack Kisaki but he didn't even get close before he fell to the floor unable to move. Kisaki had cast some spell.
"Cool, isn't it? My little lover witch taught me how to do that. My version of it is more intense, though. The victim can't speak or even breathe. Good thing you're a vampire so you'll survive..." Kisaki said.
Hide-zou glared at Kisaki.

Kisaki smiled at Hide-zou.
"You look so tempting like that. That fierce look in your eyes yet you're unable to do anything. So beautiful... makes me want to fuck you... I really miss you," Kisaki said.
"Kisakiii.... am I not enough for you?!" Riku whined and hugged Kisaki.
Kisaki chuckled.
"You're jealous... how cute..." Kisaki said and kissed the blond.
Kisaki turned his attention to Tsunehito after the kiss.
"Shall we go, my pretty one? I trust you're smart enough not to fight back? I wouldn't want to use the same spell on you. And I sure don't want to hurt my precious Hide-zou," Kisaki said.

Tsunehito knew there was no way out of this situation. He couldn't escape and he didn't want to. Because that meant more of his friends would suffer for him. Tsunehito didn't want that anymore.
"I won't. What's the point? It's not like I can run. You would hurt Hide-zou if I did. I'm not going let my friends suffer for me anymore," Tsunehito said.
"Aren't you a good boy. Saves a lot of trouble," Kisaki said and stepped closer to him.

"Take one step closer to that boy and you're dead, Kisaki," Someone suddenly said.
Kisaki looked at the person.
"Asagi! You made it! How lovely!" Kisaki said.
"I did. Now leave. I don't want to shed blood in front of Tsunehito. But I will do it if I have to," Asagi said.
"I don't think so. Matoi, Keep him busy," Kisaki said.

Asagi didn't even have time to react when Matoi punched him, making him fly across the room, into a wall.
"Asagi!" Tsunehito yelled, worried.
"Don't worry, Tsune. That was nothing..." Asagi said.
Asagi then looked at Matoi.
"Now... It's my turn to play with you... Doggy," Asagi said and attacked Matoi.

Tsunehito struggled against Kisaki and Riku who were trying to take him away. But he was so much weaker than the two.
"Come on, sweetheart. Stop fighting us. You can't win so why bother?" Kisaki asked.
When they were at the door they stopped. It was as if Kisaki and Riku couldn't step outside from the house.
"Barrier... how clever," Kisaki said.
Tsunehito was relieved. But who did this?

Ruiza and Hiroki rushed in as Aoi created the barrier. They attacked Kisaki and Riku, freeing Tsunehito from their grip.
"Oh. How surprising to see you two as well. I suppose I underestimated you all by leaving only Jun and Iori there. This complicates things a little..." Kisaki said.

Asagi had managed to defeat Matoi easily. But he didn't kill the werewolf after seeing Hide-zou's disapproving look.
"Give up, Kisaki. You and your loverboy are outnumbered. Leave if you want to live," Asagi said.
"You're gonna give me a chance to escape? That's new. That boy sure has made you soft," Kisaki said.
But after that, they grabbed Matoi and disappeared.

Asagi pulled Tsunehito into a hug.
"I was so scared that I would lose you," Asagi said.
"I was scared too," Tsunehito said, sobbing.
"Umm... guys... I still can't move..." Hide-zou mumbled from the floor.
Asagi chuckled.
"Aoi! We need some help here!" Asagi shouted.

Aoi came inside and kneeled next to Hide-zou. He then chanted something and touched the brunet's shoulder.
"Now you can move again," Aoi said.
Hide-zou slowly got up from the floor.
"Thank you, Aoi."
After everyone else had left Asagi pulled Tsunehito close again.
"I really was scared today," he told the redhead.
"I was scared as well. But everything is fine now, right?" Tsunehito asked.
"For now yes. But we should probably move. Just in case," Asagi answered.
"I know," Tsunehito said.
"I'm sorry. I know you liked it in here. But I just want you to be safe", Asagi said.

Tsunehito didn't answer anything. He just nuzzled closer to Asagi. He felt so safe in the vampire's arms. If he was with Asagi, he could deal with anything. He loved Asagi so much. He knew his feelings wouldn't be returned but it was okay. As long as he was able to be with Asagi everything would be fine.

"Tsune... about earlier when you were bitten... what do you remember?" Asagi suddenly asked.
"Nothing really. Everything is all blank right after Ruiza sunk his fangs to my wrist," Tsunehito answered.
"Oh... well, I'm not surprised. You were really out of it," Asagi told him.
"I was? I didn't do something embarrassing, did I?" Tsunehito asked.
"Nothing. You were just acting a little strange. That's all," Asagi said.

Asagi decided not to tell Tsunehito about the confession. It was for the best. He wouldn't be a good lover. He would break Tsunehito. He would corrupt him. Asagi didn't want that. He just wanted Tsunehito to be safe.
Aoi entered his house, tired. It had been a long night. He took off his shoes and went straight to his bedroom, collapsing on the bed. Something small and furry soon joined him. It was his cat.
"Hi, Kai... were you a good boy while I was gone?" Aoi asked, stroking the cat. The only answer he got was happy purring.

Aoi sighed. He was having that feeling again. Loneliness. It always came when he was at home by himself.
Aoi looked at his cat, which was happily snuggling against him.
"You are the only one who understands me, Kai. Sometimes I wish you could talk too," Aoi said.

Suddenly Kai looked straight into his eyes. It felt strange. It wasn't like usual. Aoi was even more cofused when Kai suddenly moved closer to his face and kissed him on the lips. A strange sensation filled Aoi. As if something was sucking out his power. Aoi was even more shocked to notice that his cat was changing it's form. It slowly looked more and more like a human.
Aoi could soon feel soft human lips against his and noticed a gorgeous brunet on top of him.

Aoi didn't know if he was happy or disappointed when the brunet finally pulled away from the kiss.
"Kai...?" Aoi managed to ask.
"Yes, Aoi. It's me. This is my true form," The brunet said.
"What? How..." Aoi asked.
"I am your familiar. Every witch has one. We usuallly take the form of an animal. But like I said, this is my true form. I just needed your energy to change," Kai answered.
"So that's why you kissed me?" Aoi asked.
"Sorry. I didn't have any other way," Kai said, embarrassed.
"I guess it's okay... wait. It's not! All those times you've snuggled close to me and being really affectionate in your cat form! You have some explaining to do," Aoi said after realizing that fact.

Kai blushed. Of course Aoi had to bring that up...
"Answer me or I'll banish you," Aoi said.
"You can't banish me. I'm not a demon. I'm your familiar. That's a bond you can't just break with magic," Kai said.
"I'll find a way, trust me," Aoi said.
Kai gave up. He would just have to tell Aoi.
"It's quite simple. Even though this is my true form I act like a cat when I'm in that form. And then there's the fact that I love you," Kai told Aoi.

Aoi was shocked at that. Kai loved him? But until now Kai had only been his cat! So Aoi had no idea how to react at the confession.
"I know this is all very confusing but I really do love you..." Kai told him.
"I believe you. But could you maybe get up? You're sort of lying on top of me... and you're naked," Aoi told the brunet.

Kai blushed and moved away from Aoi. He was so embarrassed.
"I'll get you some clothes," Aoi said and got off the bed.
Kai just looked at Aoi like he always did. This time, everything was different. He was a human, just like Aoi. The witch was now being nervous around him and Kai understood that. It would take time for both of them to adjust into this situation. Kai was happy that he could finally speak to Aoi, though.
A few days later, many things had changed in Tsunehito's life. He was now living in a huge mansion which was located deep in the forest, guarded by a barrier set up by seven strong witches. Asagi lived there too, of course. So did Ruiza, Hiroki and Hide-zou. But it wasn't just them.

The owner of the mansion lived there, too. His name was Yuuki and he was an old friend of Asagi. Yuuki was also one of the seven witches that had created the barrier. Tsunehito got along with Yuuki well. The pink-haired witch was really kind.

Tsunehito was happy that they were all safe now. But he had noticed that something was different between him and Asagi. And he didn't like it. Asagi was getting distant from him and Tsunehito knew it was because of him. He had said or done something the night Ruiza had bitten him. Even though Asagi had told him otherwise. Tsunehito still couldn't remember anything. And Asagi wouldn't tell him. So he would just have to ask Ruiza.

Asagi knew Tsunehito had noticed the change in his behavior. But he couldn't help it. If he got too close to the redhead now, his feelings would take over. And that wouldn't be good. He wasn't suitable for Tsunehito. He was a monster. And Tsunehito was pure, innocent and fragile. Asagi would only defile and break him. That's why they couldn't be together. Tsunehito deserved someone better.

"What are you thinking about so intensely?" Hide-zou suddenly asked him.
Asagi had no ida when the brunet had arrived to his room.
"I think you know," Asagi told him.
"Oh, do I? So it is that boy again..." Hide-zou said.
"Jealous?" Asagi asked.
"Why should I be? It's not like I have romantic feelings for you," Hide-zou said.
"I know. Just teasing you," Asagi said and pulled Hide-zou closer.
"Speaking of teasing... Let's go hunting together tonight. I know a place we can go to after we've fed," Asagi told him.
"Sure. But what do I get from it?" Hide-zou asked.
"Tons of pleasure," Asagi said and licked Hide-zou's neck.
"I like that thought," Hide-zou said.
After sunset, Tsunehito was left alone with Yuuki. The vampires were hunting.
"So, now that we're alone... Can I ask you some questions?" Yuuki asked him as they were having dinner.
"Sure. I might not answer, though," Tsunehito answered.
"Fine with me. But I really would like to know," Yuuki said.
"I'll tell you if I want. There are only a few things I'm not willing to talk about," Tsunehito said.
"Fair enough. Here goes. How did you meet Asagi?" Yuuki asked.
"He saved me from werewolves nine months ago," Tsunehito answered.

Yuuki was surprised. Asagi saving a human? Didn't sound like Asagi. But Yuuki had noticed that Asagi had indeed changed.
"He did? Interesting... And why are the supernatural beings after you?" Yuuki asked.
"I'm not sure... Apparently there is something in my blood that makes them stronger," Tsunehito told him.
"I see. How old are you, by the way? I don't think I've asked before," Yuuki said.
"I'm seventeen," Tsunehito answered.
"You're still so young. Where's your family?" Yuuki asked.
Tsunehito's expression darkened. Yuuki knew exactly what that look meant.
"I'm sorry..." Yuuki said.

After that, Yuuki didn't ask anything else. Tsunehito seemed like he didn't want to talk anymore.
"It's okay, Yuuki. You weren't being insensitive. You didn't know... Let's just not talk about it, okay?" Tsunehito asked.
"Okay," Yuuki said.

Later, Ruiza and Hiroki came back. They were surprised to see Tsunehito sitting on the couch in the living room.
"Tsune, why are you still awake?" Ruiza asked.
"I was waiting for everyone. Do you know where Asagi is?" Tsunehito asked and got up.
"Nope. He and Hide-zou went into a different direction than us," Hiroki answered.
"I see..." Tsunehito said.

Ruiza noticed that Tsunehito was upset.
"What's the matter? You look like you're about to cry..." Ruiza said.
"What? I'm not..." The redhead said, eyes watering.
"Tsune, what is it? You can tell me..." Ruiza said.
Tsunehito just hugged Ruiza and sobbed.
"Tsune? What is it? You can tell me," Ruiza said.
"My family... It's my fault" Tsunehito managed to say between his sobs.
Ruiza hugged Tsunehito and stroked his back gently. He knew Asagi was the only one who could calm Tsunehito down but he would try his best.
Asagi and Hide-zou returned to the mansion many hours later. Hiroki was standing in the hallway.
"Hiroki? What is it?" Asagi asked.
"Nothing. Just informing you that while you two were out there fucking, Tsunehito was crying in here. I think he still is. Ruiza is with him now. They're in Tsunehito's room," Hiroki told them.

Asagi didn't need to know more. He ran upstairs and entered Tsunehito's room. Ruiza and Tsunehito looked at him.
"Asagi..." Tsunehito said with teary eyes.
Asagi reacted immediately. He pulled the redhead into his arms.
"Shh... It's okay, Tsune... I'm here..." Asagi said.
"I just miss them so much... It's my fault they died" Tsunehito sobbed.
"It's not your fault. Calm down... It's not your fault," Asagi said, caressing Tsunehito's hair. He continued doing it until Tsunehito fell asleep.

Asagi placed his hand on Tsunehito's forehead.
"Happy dreams..." He said and for a while there was small light. Asagi took his hand off after he was done. Now Tsunehito could at least be happy in his dreams. Asagi stayed with the redhead. He would make sure Tsunehito was okay in the morning.
"I love you," Asagi whispered and kissed Tsunehito's forehead.

Yuuki smiled. Just as he had thought... He knew he shouldn't be eavesdropping but he wouldn't find out otherwise. So Asagi was in love... That was good. That meant Asagi still had his humanity. But knowing Asagi, he wouldn't do anything. Asagi probably thought he wasn't good enough for Tsunehito.
"I'll just have to make them admit their feelings each other..." Yuuki thought.

Chapter three - The end

A/N: It's been a while^^ I hope you liked this chap^^ please, comment. Sorry if there are mistakes^^


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I love it!!!
Asagi "I love you"

Got goosebumps from that!!!
Keep it up please!!!
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Thank you for reading and for your comment ^^.
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