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Loving you - chapter two

Title: Loving you
Author: bara_onna
Chapter: 2 /?
Rating:R for this chapter.
Bands: the GazettE
Pairings: Kai/Aoi, Uruha/Aoi, Reita/Kai
Genre : romance, school
Warnings: Cruel Uruha, violence, language
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Only the story is mine.
Summary: "Thanks, Kai. Thank you for being my friend", Aoi said and hugged him.
Notes: Chapter two. I hope you like it ♥

Chapter one

Chapter two

Kai couldn't believe what Uruha had told him. Aoi was being bullied at school? But they were together almost every moment so how was that possible? They had few different classes, though... Kai decided to ask about it tomorrow. He didn't want to bother Aoi since it was already so late.
The next day, Kai came to school only to find Aoi nowhere. He spotted Uruha, though. He walked over to him.
"Good morning Yutaka-kun. Are you looking for Aoi by any chance?" Uruha asked.
"Yes. You too?" Kai asked.
"I am. I haven't seen him all morning and he doesn't answer his phone. I'm worried..." Uruha said.
"Let's search for him together?" Kai suggested.
"Sure", Uruha said.

They searched all over the school but couldn't find Aoi. They were now at the old classroom that wasn't used anymore. They saw someone crying in the corner.
"Aoi!" Kai gasped and ran over to his friend.
" Kai..." Aoi said, tears in his eyes.
Kai noticed the bruises on his friend's body and messy uniform.
"Baby! Oh my gosh, you okay?! Who did this to you?!" Uruha asked and hugged him.
"Uru... It was the same guys as usual..."Aoi sobbed.
"Those rich kids from D-class? I'm so gonna beat them up..." Uruha said.
"Leave it. You got hurt the last time..." Aoi said.
"We can't just ignore this! We have to report to the teachers!" Kai said.
"No! It's no use. I tried and got in trouble myself because of it. They are rich kids so the teachers won't do anything..." Aoi said.
"Come on, love. Let's get you checked by the nurse..," Uruha said.
"It's okay. I'm not that hurt this time. Let's just get to class", Aoi said.
"You sure, baby? " Uruha asked.
"I'm sure", Aoi said.

"Why didn't you tell me, Aoi?" Kai asked.
"Because I wanted to protect you. They would have taken you as their target too if you protected me", Aoi said.
"Aoi... You should have told me. I'm your friend. Of course I'll protect you", Kai said.
"I'm sorry. But Miyavi and his gang are dangerous people. You know that..." Aoi said.
"I know. But don't keep things like this from me anymore", Kai said.
"I won't. I promise ", Aoi said.

"You can get to class now. I'll be there soon. I just wanna be with Uru for a while..." Aoi said.
"Sure. See you then", Kai said.
Aoi just nodded.

When Kai was gone, Uruha kissed Aoi.
"Great acting, my dear. I'll give you a reward later..." Uruha told him after the kiss.
"I wasn't exactly acting since you really arranged Miyavi and his gang to molest me... and I'm not interested in any reward you might have in your mind", Aoi said.
"You sure? It could be something you like..." Uruha said.
"I doubt that", Aoi said.

Uruha pushed Aoi against the wall hard.
"Now you listen, little princess. How many times do I have to tell you to watch that attitude of yours? And here I actually thought of being gentle with you today. But since you want it rough, let's have it your way..." Uruha said.
"You are never gentle. I'm not falling for it anymore. You act like the Uruha I fell in love with for a while and then you turn into the monster you have always been", Aoi said.
"What the fuck, Aoi?! You're saying you don't love me?!" Uruha asked.
"I do. But not when you're acting like this..." Aoi said.
"Well, sorry that I'm not like I was when we met. I never was. It was all an act to get you to fall for me", Uruha said.
"And I did. I still love that Uruha that doesn't even excist..." Aoi said.

Aoi knew his words would have no effect on the honey blond. Uruha would just continue treating him like he had always done. But to his surprise, Uruha kissed him gently.
"I know. But only thing that I didn't lie about was that I do love you. So much... that is why I'm not going to let you leave from my side. Ever", Uruha said.
"Then why do you keep hurting me?" Aoi asked.
"That's just who I am, baby", Uruha told him.
Eventually Aoi got to class. He got in before the teacher this time. He sat next to Kai.
"You made it this time", Kai said.
"I can't be late all the time, can I?" Aoi asked.
Kai just smiled.

Reita entered the classroom, making the students silent. He looked at his students, searching for only one. Soon he saw him. His adorable Yutaka who was smiling that cute smile of his. But that smile was only for one person. And that was Yuu. It had always been Yuu. And that made Reita so jealous.

Yuu was the one Yutaka smiled for and the one Yutaka looked at with eyes full of warmth and love. That knowledge hurt Reita but he had long since decided to let it be. Yutaka was his student and he didn't want to cause any problems for him.

"Good morning, class. I hope you all read your homework since it's time for a pop quiz", Reita told the class
"Noooo", many of the students whined.
"Sorry but that's how it is", He said.

Aoi was a little bit troubled with the questions since he hadn't been at school. And he had been too drained to study yesterday. But he knew something about the matter so he just wrote that up. He just hoped it would be good enough for Suzuki sensei... The blond was a really strict teacher.

After class, Aoi and Kai went to the library.
"So... how did the pop quiz go gor you?" Aoi asked.
"Good. The questions were easy", Kai said.
"Everything at school seems to be easy for you", Aoi said.
"That's because I study", Kai said.
"I study too. Yet my grades keep dropping... I'll never get to medical school like this..." Aoi said.
"Don't worry. We're second years. You have time to improve. I know you can do it", Kai said.
"Thanks, Kai. Thank you for being my friend", Aoi said and hugged him.

Kai was confused. This wasn't like Aoi.
"Hey, what's up with you?" Kai asked.
"Nothing. Just wanted to hug you and tell you how much I appreciate you. And I'm sorry for keeping secrets from you", Aoi said.
"It's okay. I said that before, didn't I? And I understand why you did what you did. I probably would have done the same for you", Kai said.
"I know. You really are my best friend, Kai..." Aoi said
Kai finally wrapped his arms around Aoi as well.
'I just wish I could someday be more...' , Kai thought.

Miyavi was in the library, hiding between the shelves. He looked at the two and smirked.
"My, my aren't we close..." He mumbled to himself and took a picture of the two with his cell phone.
'Uruha is going to be pissed after seeing this..' Miyavi thought.

After school, Aoi went home. He greeted his parents and went to his room to do his homework. But Aoi didn't even get to sit down before he got a text message from Uruha telling him to meet him right now. Aoi wanted to ignore it but he knew that if he didn't go, Uruha would get mad. And a mad Uruha was never a good thing.
Aoi was soon at Uruha's house. He rung the doorbell. Uruha opened the door almost right after.
"Aoi, my dear... come on in", Uruha said.
Aoi stepped into the house.
"Your parents are still on their business trips?"Aoi asked.
"Yeah. So we have the place to ourselves", Uruha said and kissed Aoi on the cheek.
That was rare. Aoi didn't know what to expect.

It was silent for a while but then Uruha spoke again.
"Aoi, I saw something today and I didn't like it..." He said.
"And that was?" Aoi asked.
"You and Kai having a really close moment at the library", The honey blond answered.
"Uruha, that wasn't anything wrong. We're just friends..." Aoi said.
That didn't stop Uruha from slapping him, though.
"You slut! You wanna be touched by another men?! Then allow me to grant that wish", Uruha said and snapped his fingers.
Then, Miyavi and his gang stepped into the room.

Aoi was terrified. He could only guess why Uruha had called them here...

Chapter two - The end

A/N:I finally managed to continue this! It's a short chap but still! ^^ I'm sorry if there are mistakes. Please tell me what you think ♡


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Dec. 14th, 2015 12:44 pm (UTC)
AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'VE READ THE PROLOGUE > CHAP 1 AND THIS CHAP ;______________; POOR BABY AOI WHY </3 kAIIII WHERE ARE YOU?! ;___; /sniffs/ Great story btw :D <3 simple but still great!
Dec. 14th, 2015 03:19 pm (UTC)
Thank you for reading and for your comment ♡ I'm glad you like the story ^^
Dec. 15th, 2015 09:53 am (UTC)
You're welcome! ^^)/ Good luck for the next chapter!
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