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Nights of blood SEQUEL - Chapter six

Title: None (for now)
Chapter: 6/?
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter
Bands:ViViD, MEJIBRAY, SuG, Angelo, the GazettE, An Cafe, D, SCREW, Monolith, Lycaon, Pentagon (there will be others later)
Pairings: Reno/Ko-ki, Ryoga/Shin, Iv/Takeru, Tsuzuku/Koichi, Kanon/Miku, Asagi/Hide-zou, Byou/Rui, Kai/Aoi, Ruki/Aoi(past), Ruki/Ryu (more later)
Genre: Supernatural, romance
Warnings: Vampires, werewolves, violence
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Only the story is mine.
Summary:"Aaw~ what a happy reunion. Almost a shame to ruin it..."
Notes: Chap six. Took me a while :D I hope you like it ♥ 

Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three
Chapter four
Chapter five

Chapter six

Ko-ki was sleeping in the carriage. Yuuki had no idea how he was able to do that. It was a really bumpy road. Yuuki couldn't sleep even if he wanted to. Lucky for him, they were almost in their destination. He tried to shake Ko-ki awake.
"Ko-ki, wake up. We're almost there", Yuuki told him.

Ko-ki slowly opened his eyes and blinked a few times.
"Hmm? We there already?" Ko-ki asked.
"Almost. How the heck did you manage to sleep in here?" Yuuki asked.
"I'm just used to sleeping in a carriage", Ko-ki answered.
"Lucky you", Yuuki said.

The carriage soon stopped. They got out. Ko-ki was confused. He had no idea where they were. There seemed to be nothing but forest around them.
"Minpha likes to stay away from everyone. Come on. It's right in front of us. The trees are only an illusion", Yuuki told him.
Ko-ki followed Yuuki and soon they were in the yard of a small cabin.

Yuuki knocked on the door and waited. Soon Minpha opened the door.
"Minpha-chan, my little one. How have you been?" Yuuki asked and hugged the boy.
Minpha stayed silent but hugged him back.
"Not in the mood to talk, huh... Anyways, this is Ko-ki. The boy I told you about", Yuuki said and pulled Ko-ki closer.
Minpha only nodded.

Ko-ki looked at Minpha. He looked like a girl.And even dressed like one. On the other hand, so did Tsunehito.
"You sure he is a boy?", Ko-ki asked Yuuki through his mind.
"He is. He just always wears dresses and does his hair and make up cutely. Even I don't know why..." Yuuki answered.
Minpha looked at them.
"Please, do sit down. I'll make you some tea..." Minpha mumbled.

Ko-ki and Yuuki sat down at the table. Ko-ki looked around. There were all kinds of herbs and potions in there. Looked like a cabin where a witch would live.
"So... Are you a member of our clan? Or are you a witch?" Ko-ki asked directly.
"Which one do you think I am?" Minpha asked.
"Honestly? I'm not sure. But I'm guessing a witch", Ko-ki told him.
"Actually I'm both. My mother was a witch", Minpha said.

Yuuki was stunned. He had never gotten Minpha to talk about himself and now he was opening up to Ko-ki so easily? Was it because they were almost the same age? Or was it Ko-ki's kind and calm aura? Either way Yuuki was glad that the two seemed to get along.

Minpha got the tea ready and brought it to table.
"Thank you, Minpha-chan", Yuuki said.
Minpha sat down as well.
"So why do you need my powers?" Minpha asked.
Ko-ki explained everything to Minpha.

"I see. But what do I gain for helping you out?" Minpha asked.
"Nothing. But we really could use your help", Ko-ki said.
"I was just joking. Of course I'll help out. Especially when that means I can mess up Koichi's plans", Minpha said.
"You know Koichi?" Ko-ki asked.
"More or less. I don't want to talk about it ", Minpha said.
Reno couldn't believe what Chizuru just told him. Ko-ki was alive?
"You better not be lying, Chizuru", Reno said.
"Would I be that suicidal to come here and lie to you? You know me better than that", Chizuru said.
"What else did you hear?" Reno asked.
"Nothing. Ryoga-sama just ordered me to come here and tell you that Ko-ki contacted Takeru", Chizuru answered.
"Okay. Take me to Ryoga right now", Reno said.
"Follow me", Chizuru said and dashed off.
Reno followed him.
A few days later Ko-ki, Yuuki and Minpha were there. Now they would just have to find the others.
"Minpha, could you cover me? I'm going to use my powers", Ko-ki said.
Minpha nodded. He took Ko-ki's hand and chanted something.
"You can use your powers now", Minpha said and let go of his hand.
Ko-ki focused. He tried to locate his twin.
"Found him. Let's go", Ko-ki said to Yuuki and Minpha.
"We'll get there faster like this", Minpha said and whistled.

Suddenly three large wolves came from the forest, scaring Ko-ki and Yuuki.
"Don't worry. They are my friends. The grey one is Atsuki, the black one Taku and the white one is Yutori", Minpha said.
"Oh... nice... sorry, but until now any werewolf I've encountered has been hostile towards me..." Ko-ki said.
"Same here", Yuuki said.
"Like I said, these three are my friends. So get on. They'll take us there", Minpha said and got on Yutori's back.
Yuuki got on Taku and Ko-ki on Atsuki.
"Okay, gyus. Follow Ko-ki's directions", Minpha said.
The wolves then ran the way Ko-ki told them to.
Ryoga was nervous. But he couldn't let it show. He wouldn't let Shin see his weakness. He was going to protect his lover no matter what.
"Don't worry. We're all here to protect Shin", Takeru said.
"Get out of my head, you brat", Ryoga said.
"It's no shame to be afraid for your lover. But you should worry about yourself as well. You were the one that got hurt in the vision", Takeru said.
"Guys... I smell wolves. Three of them. Approaching fast", Chizuru suddenly said.

Ryoga cursed. Werewolves on top of all this?
"Iv, Reno. Let's go and kill them slowly. I'm pissed off", Ryoga said.

The three of them went outside. But they were stunned when they saw the werewolves. There were three people with them, on their backs. Two were unknown to them but one...
"Ko-ki..." Reno said.
Ko-ki got off the wolf's back and carefully walked over to Reno.
"I can totally understand if you're mad but I hope you can forgive me..." Ko-ki said.
"Of course I'm mad! But I've missed you too much to care about that!" Reno said and hugged Ko-ki.
"I missed you too. A lot...." Ko-ki said, crying.
"Will you be my angel again?" Reno asked.
"Always", Ko-ki answered him.

"Now there Minpha, you're too innocent to witness this..." Yuuki said and covered Minpha's eyes with his hands as Ko-ki and Reno kissed quite passionately.

"You owe me a good explanation. And after that I'm so going to punish you for leaving me for that long", Reno told Ko-ki.
"I'll explain everything later. Now we must focus on keeping Ryoga and Shin safe. I sense Koichi and Tsuzuku getting near", Ko-ki said.

Ryoga looked at the wolves and the two persons with pink hair.
"Nice to have you back here and all. But could you introduce your new friends to us?" Ryoga asked Ko-ki.
"Don't worry about the werewolves. They are harmless. And those two are Yuuki and Minpha. Yuuki is the taller one", Ko-ki said.
"Nice to meet you all", Yuuki said.
Minpha stayed silent and just nodded as a greetment.

They went inside the house. Even Yutori, Atsuki and Taku. In their human forms, of course.
"Ryoga, you're really letting those things come in here? You know what their bite does to us, don't you?" Chizuru asked.
"Don't worry. They are here to help", Ryoga said.
"Ko-ki!" Takeru gasped.
"Hi, Takeru..." Ko-ki said, crying again.

"Aaw~ what a happy reunion. Almost a shame to ruin it..." They suddenly heard a new voice.
Tsuzuku was there with Koichi.

"Now all of you who don't want to get hurt...I highly recommend that you leave this place at once" Tsuzuku told them.
"There are only two of you. There are twelve of us. Go home. Please. I don't want you fight you two", Yuuki said.
"I should have known it was you who helped Ko-ki. I'm disappointed. I thought you were my friend", Koichi said.
"I am. That is why I don't want you to do anything you'll regret later", Yuuki said.
"Regret? I only want to help the man I love. So I don't think that is something I'll regret", Koichi said.

Tsuzuku looked at Ryoga.
"Is this how you want to settle this? Hiding behind others? You've become pathetic", Tsuzuku said.
"They aren't here to protect me. They are here to protect Shin. I'm not going to let anything happen to him", Ryoga said.
"We'll see about that..." Tsuzuku said and attacked Ryoga.

All were looking at Koichi. He just stood there, unmoving. Yuuki looked at his friend.
"No Koichi, you're not going to use it, are you?" Yuuki asked.
"What is the point in learning a forbidden spell if you're never going to use it?" Koichi asked and took off the eyepatch covering his right eye.
"Ko-ki, Minpha! Barrier! Right now!" Yuuki told them.
The three of them created a barrier together.
"How cute. But I'll get through eventually", Koichi said, his right eye glowing blue.
Koichi held out his hand and chanted something.

A power stronger than anything they had ever faced until then filled the room. Ko-ki, Yuuki and Minpha did their best to keep the barrier up.
"Takeru, help us! You're one of our clan. You can do it..." Yuuki said.
"How?!" Takeru asked.
"Just think of the feeling wanting to protect your loved ones. Let it develop into power and let that power free..." Ko-ki told him.
Takeru tried to focus. He managed to create a barrier as well.

Koichi's powers started to affect Ryoga that wasn't protected by the barrier. He felt weak. But he wouldn't give up. He would protect Shin even at the cost of his own life.

"I'm going to attack him and make him stop..." Iv said when the barrier got weaker.
"No! Leave this barrier and you could lose your life!" Yuuki said.
"But this won't last long! We have to do something!" Reno said.

Ryoga was soon powerless because of Koichi's magic. He couldn't fight back anymore.
"Finally I get to kill you", Tsuzuku said and prepared to deliver the final blow.
"No!" Shin yelled and ran out from the barrier.

Then, there were hands stained with blood and a body that fell to the floor.

Chapter six - The end

A/N: That sure took a while ^^ sorry for not writing anything for a long time! And sorry if there are mistakes^^ Anyways, please tell me what you think ♡