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Nights of blood SEQUEL - Chapter five

Title: None ( for now )
Author: bara_onna
Chapter: 5/?
Rating: PG-13 for this chap
Bands: ViViD, MEJIBRAY, SuG, Angelo, the GazettE, An Cafe, D, SCREW, Monolith, Lycaon, Pentagon (there will be others later)
Pairings: Reno/Ko-ki, Ryoga/Shin, Iv/Takeru, Tsuzuku/Koichi, Kanon/Miku, Asagi/Hide-zou, Byou/Rui, Kai/Aoi, Ruki/Aoi(past), Ruki/Ryu (more later)
Genre: Supernatural, romance
Warnings: Vampires
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Only the story is mine.
Summary: "Guys... I think they're getting close. They are at the inn you were a few days ago..."
Notes : The sequel for Nights of blood ^^ I hope you like it♥

Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three
Chapter four

Chapter Five

Takeru held on to Iv tightly as the vampire was running towards Ryoga' and Shin's whereabouts. They had to warn them. And tell them that Ko-ki was alive. At least that's what Takeru thought. He couldn't contact Ko-ki after that.
" You okay, love? I'm not going too fast am I?" Iv asked and slowed down a little.
"I'm fine. Keep going. We don't know when the attack is going to happen", Takeru told his lover.
In the hunters' village, people were all in panic. One of the greatest hunters had suddenly disappeared over a week ago. And he still wasn't back.

Miku wasn't in panic like everyone else, though. He had seen Aoi on the night he left. The raven-haired hunter had told him the reason why he was leaving.

"I'm gonna go and slay a vampire I should have slain a long time ago. Don't tell anyone that you saw me leaving, okay?" Aoi asked.
"Okay... Why do you have to leave in secret?" Miku asked his former teacher.
"I just have to. Please, don't tell anyone. Not even Kanon", Aoi said.
"Fine. You will be back, right?", Miku asked.
"I will. As soon as I get this done", Aoi said.

With that, Aoi disappeared into the darkness of the woods.

(End of flashback)

Miku didn't know what to do. He wanted to tell Kanon. Because Kanon was really worried about Aoi. So was Miku. Aoi usually didn't take such a long time slaying a vampire.

Kirito was furious. His best hunter was gone. First, his son leaves and now Aoi! How come both of them managed to disappear without any trace?

Suddenly someone barged in to Kirito's room. It was Kohta.
"Well, hello, my brother. What gives you the right to come here just like that?" Kirito asked.
"Let's just say, I saw something interesting on my journey", Kohta said.
"Oh? Do sit down and tell me more", Kirito said.
Kohta sat down.
"Now... tell me what you saw. And it better be good since I'm in really bad mood now", Kirito said.

Kohta just smiled to his big brother.
"Oh, don't worry. I'm sure you'll like the news I'm about to tell you", Kohta said.
"Just spit it out already", Kirito said.
"When I was on a vampire hunt in the East, your cute little son literally ran into my arms", Kohta said.
"What!? Then why didn't you bring him with you?" Kirito growled.
"Calm down. You think I didn't try?! I captured him but then a vampire came and tried to save him! And that vampire was Ryoga. The one that we have tried to slay for years. I fought him but I was ambushed by another vampire. When I came to, they were already gone", Kohta said.

Kirito calmed down after hearing his brother's explanation.
"I see... Do you think you can find him again? ", Kirito asked.
"It won't be a problem if we contact a witch. We can track him with this", Kohta said and took out something that seemed to be long, dark brown hair.
"Is that...?" Kirito asked.
"Yes. It is Shin's hair", Kohta said.
"You really are useful sometimes", Kirito said
Aoi was guarding an old building in the woods where Kai slept. He couldn't take any chances. There was no guarantee that someone wouldn't attack him by day. Especially when Ruki could easily invade people's minds.

Suddenly someone came from the woods, falling down immediately. It was a young, black-haired boy who was badly wounded.

Aoi ran to the boy.
"Hey, you! You okay? Wake up!" Aoi said, trying to shake the boy awake.
The boy opened his eyes.
"Help me..." The boy said before losing consciousness again.

Aoi didn't know what else to do so he lifted the boy to his arms and took him inside. He tended the boy's wounds after that.

After sunset Kai woke up. He smelled someone else besides Aoi. Kai went over to his lover and saw him next to a sleeping boy.
"Who is he?" Kai asked.
"I don't know. He just came out of the woods and collapsed. I carried him here and tended his wounds. I couldn't just leave him", Aoi said.
"I understand. I would have done the same", Kai said.
"Let's wait until he wakes up. And make sure he gets home after that", Aoi said.
"Whatever you say, love. I'm sorry but I must go. I'll be back after a while", Kai said.
"Oh? Blood?" Aoi asked.
"Yeah..." Kai answered.

For some reason Aoi didn't want to be left alone.
"You could drink from me, you know..." Aoi said.
"But I did that yesterday as well. You sure you're okay with it?" Kai asked.
"I'm fine. You're going to heal it after you're done so no worries", Aoi said.
"You do have things to worry about. Do you have any idea how your blood affects me? I might accidentally do something if I'm not careful..." Kai said.
"What do you mean?" Aoi asked.
"I might bite you. And you know what happens after that. You'll become the very creature you've been hunting", Kai said.

Aoi hugged his lover. Kai really was overthinking things again.
"Kai, I trust you. I know you won't lose control. Besides, even if that happens we would still be together. I wouldn't mind living an eternity with you", Aoi said.
"Aoi... You really have thought about this before, haven't you?" Kai asked.
"Yes. I know that as a hunter I should kill myself if I ever get bitten but if I can be with you, I don't care what I am", Aoi said.

Kai pulled back a little and kissed his lover.
"We'll talk about that later. But right now, I really would like to go and hunt an animal or something... You know how much I worry after I drink your blood" Kai said.
"Fine. But don't take too long", Aoi said.
"I won't. I love you", Kai said and kissed Aoi again.
"I love you too", Aoi said after the kiss.

So Aoi was left alone. He hated that feeling. What if Ruki decided to invade his mind right now and Kai wouldn't be there to calm him down?

Suddenly Aoi heard a groan. He looked at the boy who was awake now.
"Don't move too fast. Your wounds can open again", He told him.
The boy sat up carefully.
"Here. Drink this", Aoi said and gave the boy a glass of water.
The black-haired boy took the glass and slowly drank the water.
"Thank you for helping me", The boy said.
"It's okay. I couldn't just leave you like that", Aoi said.

The boy suddenly started crying. That took Aoi by surprise.
"Hey... What's wrong? " Aoi asked placing a hand on the boy's shoulder.
"My... My village!" The boy sobbed.
"What about it?" Aoi asked.
"It was attacked by a vampire! Everything was destroyed! And almost every villager was killed..." The boy managed to say between his sobs.

Aoi felt sorry for the boy. He knew what it was like. That had happened to Aoi's home village when he was only twelve years old. But somehow he had managed to escape with Kai. Aoi didn't know what to do so he hugged the boy, hoping it would calm him down.

It took a while before the boy calmed down and managed to talk without crying. Aoi had found out that the boy's name was Ryu and that he had lost his whole family in the attack. But Ryu had told him that he had an uncle that lived nearby.

Aoi talked about it with Kai and they decided to take Ryu there before starting to look for Ruki again.

Ryu tried not to laugh. Those two were falling straight to their trap.
"Damn I'm such a great actor..." Ryu thought.
Ko-ki was making his leave from Yuuki's place. He couldn't stay any longer. He had to go.
"Are you sure you can use your powers for such a long time?" Yuuki asked him.
"No. But I have to try. If they find me so be it. I'm going to make sure they won't attack my friends or anyone else after that", Ko-ki said.
"You can't handle a vampire and a member of our clan at the same time, dummy. That's why I'm coming with you" Yuuki said.

Ko-ki blinked a couple times. Was Yuuki serious?
"But... But... What about your store?" Ko-ki asked him.
"No problem. My friends will take care of it for me", Yuuki said.
"Thank you, Yuuki", Ko-ki said.
"You don't have to thank me. Now let's go and help your friends. And I'm eager to meet that twin brother of yours", Yuuki said.
"I'm sure you and Takeru will get along", Ko-ki said.
"I hope so", Yuuki said.

They stepped into a carriage that was protected with spells. So they didn't have to keep themselves hidden.
"See? Isn't it convenient to travel with me? I have protection spells almost everywhere", Yuuki said.
"Yeah, I've noticed. Do you make them yourself?" Ko-ki asked.
"No. There is this boy about your age of younger. He makes the spells for me. His name is Minpha. He doesn't talk much but I assume he is also from our clan. He has pink hair too, but it's pretty light compared to ours", Yuuki explained.
"Oh... I would like to meet him sometime", Ko-ki said.
"Don't worry, you will", Yuuki told him.
"What do you mean?" Ko-ki asked.
"We're gonna go and get him. We need his powers when we get out of this carriage", Yuuki answered.

Ko-ki was amazed. Yuuki really took everything into consideration. He was right to go to him for help.
"I know, right? Just say it. I'm awesome", Yuuki said with a wide smile.
"Yes... You're pretty awesome", Ko-ki told him.
Ryoga couldn't believe the news he just heard. But he knew Takeru wouldn't make something like that up.
"And you're certain that it was Ko-ki who contacted you?" Ryoga asked.
"I am. And he told me to warn you guys", Takeru answered.
"We have to inform Reno about this!" Shin said.
"I know. That's why I already sent Chizuru to deliver the message. Since he is the only one besides me and Iv that isn't afraid of Reno right now", Ryoga said.

Takeru soon got a vision. It was about the same persons that Ko-ki had warned him about. They were talking.
"Tsuzuku... Calm down, okay? I'm sure we'll find him. Then you can have your revenge", The pink-haired man said.
They were at the inn Ryoga and Shin had been a few days ago.
"I know... But what if Ko-ki gets to them before us? Then they will be prepared. It won't be that easy then", The man that was called Tsuzuku said.
"Then I'll use my strongest spell. You know what it does", The pink-haired said.
"Koichi... It takes too much power. You don't have to do that for me", Tsuzuku said.
"I want to", Koichi said.

Then the vision ended.
"Guys... I think they're getting close. They are at the inn you were a few days ago..." Takeru told them.

Chapter four - The End

A/N: Wow... I managed to write it. Yay! Sorry if there are mistakes. Please comment ♥