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Blood magic - Chapter one

Title: Blood magic
Author: bara_onna
Rating: NC-17 this chapter
Band: D, more to come
Pairing: Asagi/Tsunehito, Asagi/Hide-zou, Hiroki/Ruiza more to come
Genre: Supernatural, romance
Warnings: sex (mxm), language, blood
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Only the story is mine.
Summary: Nine months later...
Notes : New fic ^^ I hope you like it ♥


Chapter one

"Asagi-san, the sun is down. You can go out now", Tsunehito said.
"Okay. I shall. And stop calling me Asagi-san. Just Asagi is fine. You've lived with me for almost nine months already. You can drop the formalities", Asagi told him.
"Okay..." Tsunehito said.
"You always say that and then you forget and start with the formalities. Just think of me as your friend. You don't have to be formal with your ftiends, do you?" Asagi asked.
"I don't know. I never had friends. Everyone was afraid of us since my big brother was rumored to be a witch", Tsunehito said.

Asagi was stunned. He hadn't seen anyone else but Tsunehito and his parents being attacked when he had looked into the redhead's thoghts.
"I didn't see him when I looked into your mind. That means he could be alive somewhere", Asagi said.
"Of course you didn't see him. He left when I was only seven years old. No one has seen him since then", Tsunehito said.
"So you haven't seen your brother in ten years?" Asagi asked.
"No. And I don't even miss him. Not anymore", Tsunehito answered.

Asagi didn't talk about the matter anymore since he noticed that Tsunehito didn't like talking about his brother. Or anything else concerning his life before meeting Asagi. He didn't want to make the redhead uncomfortable.
"Asagi, you don't have to hunt for blood every time, you know... You could drink from me", Tsunehito suddenly said.
"No. I won't use you for something like that. Ever", Asagi said.

Tsunehito was a little disappointed. He just wanted to be useful to Asagi. But the vampire didn't want him.
"Tsune, I really would want to. But that would be doing the same those monsters did to you", Asagi said.
"No it wouldn't. I'm allowing you to do it. And I know you would never hurt me", Tsunehito said.
"But it hurts to be bitten at first. The pain is pretty intense, too", Asagi told him.
"At first? And after that?" Tsunehito asked.
"Then you feel only pleasure once I start sucking the blood. But like I said I won't do that to you", Asagi answered.

Tsunehito dropped the subject. He knew Asagi wouldn't do it no matter how much he tried to convince the vampire that it was okay to bite him.

Soon someone stepped into the house. A blond vampire named Ruiza. He was their friend.
"Hello!" He shouted cheerfully.
"Hi Ruiza. Take care of Tsunehito while I'm gone, okay?" Asagi asked.
"Sure will", Ruiza said.

Tsunehito didn't say anything. He was already used to this. He couldn't be alone for too long because he atrracted all supernaturals. Apparently they got more power from his blood and lifeforce. Asagi and his friends never took advantage of that, though. They just kept him safe. Tsunehito was grateful for that. But sometimes he felt useless.

"So... why is my princess sulking?" Ruiza asked after Asagi was gone.
"Stop calling me that. And I'm not sulking", Tsunehito said.
"Yes you are. Because of Asagi again?" The blond asked.
"Yes... I get the feeling he doesn't need me... That I'm just a nuisance", Tsunehito said.
"Really?! You can't be serious! You couldn't be more wrong. Asagi wouldn't keep you here if he thought you were a nuisance. He really cares for you. A lot", Ruiza said.
"You think so?" Tsunehito asked.
"I know so", Ruiza answered.
"Fuck you! It hurts!" A tall brunet growled as Asagi bit his neck.
Asagi ignored the other and started sucking. The brunet soon let out moans of pleasure.
"When you're done, I'm so going to do the same to you..." The brunet mumbled.
Asagi stopped when he had had enough blood.
"Thank you, Hide-zou. You really helped me out. But I'm not done with you yet", Asagi said and started unbuttoning the brunet's shirt.

Hide-zou wasn't surprised. Why else would Asagi come and see him?
"First blood and now sex. Being around that boy isn't good for you. He is making you lose control", Hide-zou said.
"I can't help it. I want him. Every single bit of him. But I can't do it. I just want to protect him from everything. Even from myself..." Asagi said.
"I know. You can bury your lust in me again for tonight. But I will drink your blood after this", Hide-zou said.
"Of course. As much as you want", Asagi said.

They were soon naked on th bed, kissing passionately. Asagi had Hide-zou pinned underneath him, totally at his mercy. Just like had always wanted to do to a certain redhead. Asagi broke their kiss and kissed Hide-zou's neck this time.
"Don't. It's tender. I don't like it..." Hide-zou mumbled.
"Or you just like it too much that you want me to stop?" Asagi asked.
"Fuck you. Just do what you want..." Hide-zou said.
"Oh I shall..." Asagi told him and bit the brunet's neck again just to let the blood flow.

"You're a twisted pervert, did you know?" Hide-zou asked when Asagi drew patterns on his skin with his tongue, using Hide-zou's blood as ink.
The black-haired vampire didn't say anything and just continued what he was doing. And Hide-zou really enjoyed every bit of it. He just wouldn't admit it.

Asagi didn't care about what Hide-zou said. He knew the brunette was just trying to act tough. Hide-zou liked everything Asagi did to him. Asagi had been with the brunet long enough to know it. And he could hear the moans Hide-zou was so desperately trying to keep inside. Asagi slid his hand on the brunet's thigh, getting closer and closer to his cock but he didn't touch it. He slid the hand upper to Hide-zou's chest instead.

Hide-zou knew the game Asagi was trying to play and he wouldn't be a part of that.
"If you're waiting for me to beg then don't waste your time. It's not going to happen", Hide-zou told him.
"Oh, Hide-zou... we both know it is going to happen. Why fight it?" Asagi asked and pinched Hide-zou's nipple.
Hide-zou let out a moan.
"Did you enjoy that? How about this?" Asagi asked and sucked the nipple he had pinced.
"Fuck..." Hide-zou moaned.

It took a lot of teasing before Hide-zou finally couldn't take it anymore.
"Asagi, please! Just fuck me already!" Hide-zou begged.
Asagi smirked. He had won again. He prepared Hide-zou quickly since he knew Hide-zou wasn't the patient type and could handle some pain. And even enjoyed it, actually.
"Just do it", Hide-zou told him.
Asagi wasted no time after that. He positioned himself at Hide-zou's entrance and slowly pushed in.
"Asagi, really?! Why are you being so slow? It's annoying", Hide - zou said.
"Sorry for that", Asagi said and pulled away, thrusting back hard.

Hide-zou screamed in pleasure as Asagi fucked him hard and fast. The black-haired vampire knew what he was doing. He knew just the things to make Hide-zou lose control.

Asagi loved the feeling of having control over someone like that. Hide-zou really was perfect for him to take out his lust on. The brunet wouldn't break and would heal after he was done with him. And Hide-zou liked it rough. And Asagi wasn't a gentle lover. That was also one of the reasons Asagi couldn't have Tsunehito. Ever. The redhead was too fragile.

Hide-zou screamed and his back arched off the bed when Asagi's cock brushed his prostate.
"Fuck! Do that again..." Hide-zou begged.
"Should I? Have you been a good boy?" Asagi asked, stopping his thrusts.
"I'm never a good boy. You know it. So don't you fucking stop. If you don't continue now I'll-Aah!" Hide-zou's rant was cut off by a moan when Asagi thrust into him, hitting that spot again.

Asagi was really close to his release but he wouldn't allow himself to do so just yet. He wanted Hide-zou to come first.
"Asagi... so close!" Hide-zou moaned.
"Then don't hold back. Come for me", Asagi said and stroked Hide-zou's cock.
"Asagi!" Hide-zou screamed as he came.
Asagi soon followed after, coming inside Hide-zou.
Tsunehito was asleep by the time Asagi got back home.
"He really wanted to see you before going to sleep but you took so long", Ruiza told Asagi.
"Good thing he is asleep. Saves me from the questions", Asagi said.
"You smell like blood and sex. Had fun with Hide-zou again?" Ruiza asked.
"Like always. You can go now. I'll watch after him..."Asagi said.
"At least take bath. I'll be here until you're done", Ruiza said.
"Fine. I'll be quick. You still haven't fed today, have you?" Asagi asked.
"I haven't. But I don't think I need to. You know I don't like it", Ruiza said.
"I know but it's not good to starve yourself, either", Asagi said.

Ruiza knew it but he couldn't do it just like that. He had only been a vampire for a few months. He still couldn't get used to feeding on humans' blood.
"I know. But it's still difficult for me to drink blood. I hate it", Ruiza said.
"I know you do. But that's what you are now", Asagi said.
"I know. I'm just having problems with myself", Ruiza said.
"Does Hiroki know about this?"Asagi asked.
Ruiza shook his head.
Tsunehito woke up and looked around to see if Asagi was there. He found the vampire sleeping on the couch. Tsunehito smiled. The vampire was finally back. Asagi's presence always made Tsunehito feel calm and safe. Ever since the day Asagi had saved him.

"Don't stare at me... It's uncomfortable..." Asagi mumbled.
"Sorry. I woke you up..." Tsunehito said.
"It's okay... I can be awake. Have you had breakfast yet?" Asagi asked.
"Not yet", Tsunehito said.
Asagi got up.
"Okay. I'll make you something. You just wait", Asagi said.
"I can do it myself. You don't have to bother since it's only for me", Tsunehito said.
"But I want to. Because it is for you", Asagi said and ruffled Tsunehito's hair.

Tsunehito let it be. He couldn't refuse when the vampire said it like that. It was sweet how Asagi wanted to prepare breakfast for him even though the vampire had no idea how to cook. Sometimes things Asagi made for him were actually delicious. And sometimes not so delicious but Tsunehito wouldn't complain. Not when he knew Asagi tried so hard for him.

"Asagi... why were you gone for so long last night?" Tsunehito asked after breakfast.
"It was just pretty difficult to find someone to feed from", Asagi answered.
"Okay. I was worried, you know", Tsunehito said.
"I'm sorry for making you worry. How about we go somewhere later? I can sense it's cloudy outside so I can go there even though it's daytime", Asagi said.
"But what if the sun suddenly comes up? Let's just wait until evening as usual", Tsunehito said.
"If that's what you want", Asagi told him.
"Ruiza, Asagi told me about the conversation you had last night... why didn't just talk to me about that?" Hiroki asked.
"I didn't want to worry you..." Ruiza said.
"Worry me? I'm your lover, Ruiza. You can talk to me about everything. Especially if you're feeling guilty for drinking blood. It's serious if you don't feed", Hiroki said.
"I just can't do it. Not if I don't starve myself first. Then I don't think about the guilt and I can feed. But then I feel it right after..." Ruiza said.

Hiroki hugged his lover.
"I know it's hard. I've gone through the same. But you really should have told me instead of lying to me that you did feed. You can drink from me from now on. You don't have to go preying on humans", Hiroki said.
"I can do that?" Ruiza asked.
"Of course. But I have to have human blood in my system before that. That way you can have it as well without hurting anyone", Hiroki said.
"Thank you, Hiroki. I'm sorry I didn't tell you", Ruiza said.
"It's okay, honey. I love you", Hiroki said.
"I love you too", Ruiza said.
Hiroki smiled and kissed Ruiza.

Suddenly, someone broke in. Hiroki pulled away from Ruiza and moved the blond behind himself.
"Aaw~ trying to protect your little blondie? Too bad it's not gonna work. We're going to get the both of you anyways", A red-haired man said.
He had four men with him. A blond, a brunet, a black-haired one and then one with bright pink hair that was currently hugging the redhead's arm.

Hiroki knew he couldn't handle the five of them. He could sense they were all powerful. But he was going to make sure that Ruiza got away safely...

"In case the two of you are wondering why we're doing this, just blame your friend Asagi", The redhead said.

Chapter one - The end

A/N: It is done^^. It's kinda short, though... Anyways, I hope you liked it! Please comment ♥ sorry if there are mistakes.


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Feb. 22nd, 2016 01:06 pm (UTC)
asdfghjkluhvrjjtDov!!! gosh! Asagi/Hide-zou! my favorite pair! *give you biscuits*

and those red hairs guys with pink hairs guy clinging to him... don't tell me... don't... I don't know... are they lycaon's members?! if yes... I think I'm going crazy! D and Lycaon!!!
Feb. 23rd, 2016 04:11 pm (UTC)
Yes, Asagi/Hide-zou action! :D
And the guys at the end... You'll see who they are in the next chap^^. Not Lycaon, though. But Lycaon will be in this fic later^^
Thank you for reading and for your comment ^^
Feb. 24th, 2016 03:38 am (UTC)
yup Asagi/Hide-zou! it's hot and I think I need a cold shower XD

Ara? not lycaon? hurm... who else have red and pink hairs with 5 members? mejibray... no they didn't have red hairs and only 4 members. it's vampire series... wait... don't tell me... kiryu?

Gosh lycaon also will be in this series? I love you! *give more cookies* I'm looking forward for the updates!
Feb. 22nd, 2016 05:39 pm (UTC)
Finally its out!!! Omg....AsagixHide-Zou....

Im gonna die..
Feb. 23rd, 2016 04:18 pm (UTC)
Yes, Asagi/Hide-zou :D.

Thank you for reading and for your comment ^^
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